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Jay Clark
“We have this long track record of remaining a viable, profitable business, in spite of significant changes over the years in the external environment, the regulatory environment, the marketplace. We respond very, very quickly to consumer behavior. We’re very flexible, mobile, fast on our feet. We respond very quickly and intelligently to change.”

Jay Clark

Chief Financial Officer & General Manager

Jay Clark brings Strategic Link’s clients more than 30 years of combined experience in finance, accounting and operations management, with a particular emphasis in information management, financial analysis and managing multiple projects.

As Chief Financial Officer, he oversees Strategic Link’s economic strategy, treasury control and its accounting and financial activities.

Clark is passionate about problem-solving and brainstorming within the collaborative atmosphere at Strategic Link to create opportunity, strategies and growth for clients.

The thing that Clark sees that sets Strategic Link apart from others in the field is the decades of experience it brings to clients as well as the detailed, in-depth analysis the Strategic Link team does for clients – analysis that allows for rapid, thoughtful response to an ever-changing consumer, political and regulatory landscape.

Before he came to work for Strategic Link, Clark worked as the CFO for TranDotCom, which is now one of Strategic Link’s solutions. Prior to that, he was CFO for Foresite Foods and director of finance and accounting for DSI Technology Escrow. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Kennesaw State University with a focus on Business Information Systems and Accounting.

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