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A reputation for leadership and delivering innovative products to meet clients’ needs is Strategic Link’s most prized asset. See why hundreds of clients have turned to Strategic Link for service-driven lending to achieve their business goals.

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Case Studies

A client from the banking industry approached Strategic Link for help with offering lending products inside a chain of retail locations. As the financial institution faced challenges from out of area CRA requirements, the client needed to create a new lending platform to offer retailers. Strategic Link leveraged proprietary lending software and operational constructs to provide not only a lending platform, but also opportunities to improve the financial institution’s online marketing, underwriting, customer service, and technology infrastructure.

A state-based lender required help in creating an online version of its brick and mortar business. As veterans of the online world realize, many times the online experience is much different from the physical storefront experience, even though the product may be similar. The team at Strategic Link designed a new process flow and developed technologies, policies and procedures, benchmarks and a comprehensive online strategy aimed at driving volume. The client learned to leverage cost savings in a virtual world, and discovered the “cost of goods sold” unique to digital. In the end, the client created a new channel of distribution and drove volume for a successful product with a higher margin.

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