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Mehran Chirehdast
“We deal with a lot of data and not all of it is relevant, so you have to distill the data and analyze it to gain business insight. That’s what makes me tick. How do you translate data into strategies that ultimately add to the bottom line?”

Mehran Chirehdast

Chief Analytics Officer

Mehran Chirehdast has more than 15 years experience in the banking and financial sector, with a specialty in analysis and forecasting risk.

He oversees the Strategic Link teams responsible for customer acquisition and retention, risk analysis and underwriting.

As Chief Analytics Officer, Chirehdast is passionate about data and automation — and ultimately, about the type of analysis that improves client profitability.

He believes that what sets Strategic Link apart from competitors is the extent to which it uses data and analysis to drive decision-making.

Before joining Strategic Link, Chirehdast was a Senior Director at Capital One Auto Finance, responsible for statistical modeling for marketing, risk and analytics. Previously, he was Executive Director of the USAA Federal Savings Bank in San Antonio, Texas, where he directed forecasting analytics and credit policy analytics for various portfolios. He also has extensive analytics and management experience with Ford Motor Company. Chirehdast holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University’s Executive MBA program. He is a certified Financial Risk Manager and Chartered Financial Analyst.

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